Zac Wong
Title Financial Consultant
Year Joined 2016
Years of Experience 5-10 years
Education Degree in Biological Sciences
Industry Certifications AWP, AFP/AWP/AFC
Years of Experience 5-10 years
Specialization Financial Planning
Hobbies Windsurfing

Zac Wong

Financial Consultant

“There are three simple yet some of the hardest things that life can build upon: decisiveness, consistency, strength.
-Dr A.R. Bernard

Zac's Story

Despite having studied Life Sciences, I did not envision myself to be working in a lab doing repetitive lab tests daily. I wanted more than what a corporate job could offer, a more fulfilling and holistic career where I can serve others and be a blessing to them. I was first introduced to the financial industry when I worked as a part-time personal assistant for a Senior FSC. It was then that I witnessed how proper financial planning can help others and prepare them for the future. I saw purpose in this career, and how it can impact lives. Hence, I became an FSC too! My greatest desire is to make a positive difference to everyone that I meet.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Zac

“Zac was my first financial advisor and he was very patient in explaining insurance jargon to help me understand my policies better. Most importantly, he did not push me into buying financial products. He cares for me genuinely as a client and friend. Thanks Zac!”
-Lim Xing Yi, HR Executive

“Zac really took the time and effort to analyse my current insurance portfolio and helped identify my gaps. He crafted a plan that met my needs and explained very clearly how financial products could help me achieve my life goals. With Zac as your financial consultant, you are definitely in good hands!”
-Lee Wei Jie, Army Officer

“I was looking to plan for my retirement and was introduced to Zac through a common friend. Zac used ‘GoalsMapper‘ to chart out my cashflow and insurance coverage during my golden years. He then proposed retirement options to help me achieve my retirement goals. Placing his clients’ needs as his top priority, Zac is an advisor I would strongly recommend.”
-Tan Jia Ying, General Manager