Title : Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2020
Years of Experience : < 5 years
Education : Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
Specializations : Financial-Planning
Hobbies : Singing, Yoga
Title : Financial Services Consultant

Yvonne Ho

Financial Services Consultant

“Do what is right, not what is easy.”
Roy T. Bennett

Yvonne’s Story

I left my last position as a Senior Manager to join the financial services industry. I was looking for a career that can value add to others and was inspired by the success of my mentor. Personally, I am a strong believer of insurance. It is so important to have sound financial planning and I hope to be able to influence people to start early. Making a mid-career switch is not easy but I believe I will thrive in this industry as long as I work hard and give my best. Of course, having a flexible job so that I can take care of my family and kids is also a strong pull factor. During my free time, I love a session of Karaoke with close friends. To keep myself fit, I do Yoga at the comfort of my home.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Yvonne

“I got to know Yvonne through her previous job and found her to be approachable, friendly and sincere. When I learnt that Yvonne has joined the industry, I was happy to let her service my insurance plans as I am certain she will place my interest above all else.”
-Bernard Lim, Marketing Manager

“I have known Yvonne since University days and we have remained friends even though we do not meet as often as before. I believe Yvonne will make a good Financial Services Consultant as she is a responsible lady and possesses great empathy for the people around her. Above all, she is positive, upbeat and does everything with an attitude of excellence!”
-Joei Leong, Manager

“Having known Yvonne for over 15 years, she has been a genuine, helpful and thoughtful friend. She takes her work seriously and is committed to deliver the most desirable outcome. With her approachable and resourceful personality, she will contribute positively to the financial services industry, helping people prepare the future that they envisioned.”
-Janice Lee, Associate Division Director