Winnie Cheah
Title Premier Leader, MDRT Consultant
Year Joined 1997
Years of Experience > 15 years
Education Degree in Business Administration
Industry Certifications CFP®, ChFC®/S
Years of Experience > 15 years
Notable Achievements Pinnacle Club, Life MDRT, COT, TOT, Executive PWM
Specialization Legacy Planning, Corporate Solutions, General Insurance
Hobbies Reading, Learning from industry leaders

Winnie Cheah

Master Executive Director

“In the face of obstacles, instead of asking: what’s wrong? Ask instead: what’s next.
-Winnie Cheah

Winnie's Story

It was during 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that I made the bold move to join the Insurance Industry. There was no looking back ever since. I faced many obstacles transiting from Banker to Advisor and I am grateful for supportive clients who have given me the opportunity to partner with them in their financial planning journey. I embrace life with an attitude of excellence and firmly believe that success is by design. Other than the mentors who have guided me, I am thankful for the many veterans ahead of me who have penned down their greatest lessons in books – which has brought me to where I am today. My dream eventually is to write and publish my own book.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Winnie

“I was unable to claim on my policies due to poor advice from my previous advisor. I was introduced to Winnie and she focused on understanding my concerns before recommending any solutions. I was convinced of her sincerity and eventually entrusted my family's insurance planning to her.”
-Cami Soh, Director of Operations

“I was serviced by Winnie since Army and it took me a while for me to appreciate the benefits of financial planning. Without her relentless follow-up, I would not have gone to the extent of systematically planning my retirement years and children's education.”
-Ken Lee, University Professor

“Winnie delivers her service through sound advice, prompt response and an immaculate claims process supported by her staff.  I am very assured of the level of commitment Winnie has for all clients despite the many hats she has to wear.”
-Jeslyn Phua, Senior Executive