Title : Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2016
Years of Experience : 5-10 years
Education : Degree in Science (Business Management)
Specializations : Corporate-Solutions, Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Baking, Cooking, Visiting spa
Title : Financial Services Consultant

Shirley Kang

Financial Services Consultant

“Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.”
John L. Beckley

Shirley’s Story

As a mother of two, I strongly believe that financial planning and sufficient insurance coverage are necessary, and it is imperative to start from young to fully reap the benefits. As I plan for my own family’s financial needs, it dawned on me that financial planning is a life-long commitment and it should not be embarked upon without proper consultation. Having benefited from my own FSC who provided sound advice and proper recommendation for my first Life Insurance, it motivated me to consider this career. Though I do not have any sales experience, I believe I will move from striving to thriving as long as I have the attitude to learn and the heart to serve. During my free time, I enjoy baking with my daughter.

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“I support efficiency and integrity; for these reasons therefore, I support Shirley. She is the embodiment of both principles which I value highly. She is always prompt in addressing all my queries, even if my questions can occasionally come at ungodly hours. She is always patient even when I have asked the same question before. I could not ask for a better insurance agent!”
-Dr Wan Yi Min, Consultant

“I know Shirley through my sister who is her client. Despite having policies with other companies, I still bought policies from Shirley as she is a responsible and responsive advisor. Shirley always assures me that my claims will be properly handled with minimal hassle. I hope Shirley can continue to excel with AIA so more clients like myself can benefit from her exceptionally good service.”
-Jennifer Low, Accounts & Administrative Assistant

“I met Shirley through an AIA Roadshow. She was able to address all my questions and concerns considering she was still rather new in the industry back then. I am impressed with the financial portfolio she prepared for me after the plan was taken up. From time to time, whenever I have doubts, Shirley is ever ready to help.”
-Win Than Hlaing, IT Professional