Roh Ting
Title MDRT Consultant
Year Joined 2006
Years of Experience > 15 years
Education B.SSc (Econs) Honours
Industry Certifications CFP®
Years of Experience > 15 years
Notable Achievements Centurion, MDRT, Senior PWM
Specialization Financial Planning, Legacy Planning, Corporate Solutions, General Insurance
Hobbies Badminton

Roh Ting

MDRT Consultant

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.
-  Nelson Mandela

Roh Ting’s Story

After graduating from National University of Singapore majoring in Economics, I worked for a year in the building industry as a Business Development Office. My first job made me think through what I wanted to do for a long term career path and more importantly, to harness my strengths and passions. Eventually, I decided to join the financial services industry as it allows me to marry both passions in finance and interacting with people. I am grateful to have supportive clients  who have given me the opportunity to partner with them in their financial planning journey. I felt tremendous satisfaction upon seeing them succeed in life through proper financial planning. Outside of work, I enjoy playing badminton with friends and spending quality time with family over the weekends.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Roh Ting

"I appreciate how Roh Ting is always willing to spend time to understand my situation and concerns. She takes effort to explain details of various insurance plans and gives examples of different scenarios to find the best plans that suit my needs. Thanks to her, it is now easier to do planning for my health, finances and future retirement!"
-Carolyn Pang, Senior Manager

"Roh Ting is a financial services consultant who serves with heart and passion. She knows her products well and is patient in explaining the product terms and information. Her success is a testament to her hard work, professionalism, sincere and genuine attitudes towards her clients, and her fantastic customer services!"
-Wee Teck Heng, Civil Servant

"I have known Roh Ting for more than a decade. She provides financial advice based on my needs and not her gain; explaining to me in ways I can understand by simplifying professional jargons. Roh Ting is definitely a financial services consultant and friend I can trust!"
-Yvonne Kwong, Regional Retail Design Manager