Title : Career Consultant, Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2013
Years of Experience : 5-10 years
Education : Degree in Business Administration
Industry Certifications : AWP, IBF Qualified
Notable Achievements : Million Dollar Club Gold
Specializations : Corporate-Solutions, Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Travelling, Volunteering
Title : Career Consultant

Kelvin Ang

Financial Services Consultant

You cannot choose what happens in your life but you can choose what you are going to do about it.
-Jessica Khoury

Kelvin’s Story

As I had planned to pay off my tuition loan by the time I graduated from university, I had been working part-time and giving tuition after my NS. The choice and opportunity to become an FSC was clear, when I sat for a financial talk during my university camp. Like some others, I was sceptical about the career initially. However, after finding out and learning more from other experienced consultants, I realised this was the career I was looking for. It is a purposeful career that allows me to be financially independent, and make a difference in other people’s lives. Outside of work, I love to travel around the world and explore different cities and their cultures.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Kelvin

“Kelvin is a knowledgeable advisor who does not hard sell. Instead, he listens to my concerns so he can better analyse my situation. His recommended solutions usually come with options so he can better establish my preferences. He is well versed in investments, often giving me tips on how to get better returns on my monies.”
-Tan Li Ching, Human Resource Director

“When I graduated from NUS, I was looking for a financial planner. I was glad to be introduced to Kelvin through a friend. Unlike previous planners I encountered, Kelvin was detailed in his process in uncovering my gaps and understanding my needs. I really appreciate how he uses applications such as Goals Mapper to chart out my retirement years.”
-Lim Jia Wen, Marketing Associate

“Kelvin is prompt in his replies, and he avails himself whenever I need him. There was an occasion when I was hospitalised, and he happened to be overseas. He not only helped me check my policy details, he went the extra mile to explain the admission procedures over a long-distance call. Simply put, Kelvin is an advisor that genuinely cares for his clients!”
-Chan Chun Kiat, Army Regular