Title : Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2020
Years of Experience : < 5 years
Education : Pursuing Degree in Business
Specializations : Financial-Planning
Hobbies : Playing the guitar
Title : Financial Services Consultant

Joshua Tan

Financial Services Consultant

To expect the unexpected.”
Oscar Wilde

Joshua’s Story

After my ORD, I joined Win Financial full time as I desire to be self-sufficient while undergoing my degree studies. I am glad to have a dedicated mentor who guided me and made me feel the sense of purpose as a financial advisor. I am a practical person and I have learnt that financial planning is a logical step for everyone. I started my career by re-examining my own financial plans and that of my family. I am glad to be able to design a plan for my Aunt who was looking into retirement planning. I love music and enjoy playing the guitar. I like to start my own jamming studio one day, to create a space where fellow musicians can hang out!

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Joshua

“Joshua is not just my financial advisor; he is more importantly a friend who understands my needs. A great problem solver, he was able to help me improve my insurance portfolio to one that offers the best protection in the most cost-efficient manner. Good job Joshua!”
-Ginny Lim, Data Analyst Manager

“I love to chat with Joshua! He is well informed about finance matters and through his advice, I learnt to better manage my cash flow. He even gave me suggestions on how I can be more financially disciplined through saving systematically. My money is definitely working harder for me now. Thanks to Joshua, my go-to guy for financial planning.”
-Germaine Tay, Student

“I met Joshua 3 years ago when he joined my music foundation. Through working together, I found Joshua to be a resourceful person who always gets the job done, even when things seem difficult. He is a great asset to any team. Shoot for the stars, man!”
-Walter L, Music Founder