Title : Career Consultant, Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2013
Years of Experience : 5-10 years
Education : Degree in Business Management (Operations)
Industry Certifications : CFP®, ChFC®, IBF Qualified
Notable Achievements : Million Dollar Club Gold
Specializations : Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Diving, Running, Swimming
Title : Career Consultant

Dylon Poh

Financial Services Consultant

Life and business is like changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.”
Jim Rohn

Dylon’s Story

I was interested in finance and dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. When my Mentor, Winnie, offered me an internship, I knew it was an opportunity to pursue my dreams. However, I was initially sceptical about the career path of an FSC. What made me take on this career eventually was when I learnt about the story of my colleague presenting a claim cheque to a widow. It enlightened me on the true meaning behind this career – the ability to impact the lives of many. Coming from a family with financial burdens, I saw the importance of financial planning and the need to prepare for rainy days, and I am committed to giving my clients my best. 

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Dylon

“Dylon is a helpful and experienced consultant. Coming from an actuary background, I really like his advice as it was honest and genuine. This has helped with my financial planning process tremendously!”
-Shawn Neo, Guards Officer

“Dylon is an agent who provides me with up-to-date information about my insurance portfolio. He delivers his honest opinions on financial planning strategies. I appreciate Dylon for his diligence in following up with me. I never once felt Dylon is out to ‘hard sell’ me and is thankful to have a friend and an advisor blend into one.”
-Sean Lim, Business Consultant

“I find Dylon very approachable and efficient in his work and communication. During our meet up, he clearly explained my policies and did a great job helping me compare the various options I was evaluating. Excellent advisor to have!”
–Lishanth Thangavelu, Teacher