Charisma Liu
Title Career Consultant, Financial Consultant
Year Joined 2020
Years of Experience < 5 years
Education Degree in Marketing
Years of Experience < 5 years
Specialization Financial Planning
Hobbies Beauty enthusiast, Exploring new places

Charisma Liu

Financial Consultant

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.”
- Unknown

Charisma’s Story

Since young, I enjoy interacting with people and forging meaningful relationships. My first job was with an Insurance Agency assisting in Recruitment, it was where I was exposed to the financial services career and began to appreciate how the job can help protect families. Upon graduation, I was working in sales related jobs for a few years before I decided on a career switch. The first option was definitely becoming a financial services consultant as I can make that positive difference and add value to people around me. Being kind to others is what I live by and I hope to positively change lives with my sincerity. Aside from work, I am a beauty enthusiast and love exploring new places.

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Charisma

“Cong Le (Charisma’s other name) and I have been friends for 9 years and I love her bubbly personality! A person who is always offering me her listening ear and advice with no filters, I am confident Cong Le will be able to help others as she did for me.”

-Cynthia Leong, Marketing Executive

“I met Cong Le through a hiring interview. Right off the bat, she was personable, well-prepared and eager to learn. Seeing her potential, I offered her the position. Through working with her, I have seen her resilience and willingness to strive for the best. Cong Le is a reliable lady who will put your needs before herself.”
-Kristin Quek, Marketing Specialist

“I have known Cong Le since primary school and she was a prefect back then. She is detail-oriented and has strong work ethics. Coupled with her friendly disposition, I believe she will be a great asset to any company.”
-Lok San, Engineer