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“Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people”
– Steve Jobs


In Win Financial Group, we believe professionalism is a continual growth process. More than 80% of our Financial Advisors are Associate Financial Planners or Associate Financial Consultants.All of our consultants are well-equipped to conduct comprehensive, full financial needs assessment and planning for our clients.We place high emphasis on knowledge and excellence after sales service to serve our clients.We strive to build long term yet meaningful relationships so as to influence our clients to better plan for a more financially secured future.


Melvyn Tham
Financial Services Associate Director
Title : Financial Services Associate Director, Premier Leader
Year Joined : 2013
Years of Experience : 11-15 years
Education : Diploma in Chemical Process Technology
Industry Certifications : ChFC®, CLU®, IBF Advanced
Notable Achievements : Million Dollar Club, Pinnacle Club
Specializations : Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Badminton, Playing and doing art with kids
Title : Premier Leader
Melvyn Tham
Financial Services Associate Director

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. I am Invictus!
-William Ernest Henley

Melvyn's Story

I was formerly a Bancassurance Specialist when I first joined the Insurance Industry in 2008, before becoming a Financial Services Manager at Win Financial. Even as a manager, my mission stays to assist individuals and organizations fulfil their financial objectives by recommending only the best solutions, which I would personally take if I was in their position. Being in the Insurance Industry allows me to not only help those in need but also grow myself as an individual. A work accomplishment I am most proud of is being appointed as the Industry Representative and Honorary Secretary of Insurance and Financial Practitioners Associate of Singapore (IFPAS). Apart from work, I love to play badminton to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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“Melvyn is professional, detailed and knowledgeable. Before he came along, my policies were in a mess! Melvyn offered to bring everything home to tidy up for me. He summarized my plans in an easy to comprehend manner which I believe took him many nights. I am so thankful and relieved to know where I stand now in terms of my financial planning situation.”
-Ser Choon, HOD

“Melvyn is a leader who caters his coaching towards his FSC’s unique strength and circumstance. Through him, I cleared many doubts and gained great confidence as an insurance professional. Our training sessions felt more like peer learning and he is very receptive to new ideas. He allows room for mistakes which gives me assurance to venture into the unknown. Melvyn always encourages his team to engage in continual learning so we can set ourselves apart from the rest!”

-Shipra Goel, Financial Services Consultant

Financial Services Associate Director
Title : Financial Services Associate Director, Premier Leader
Year Joined : 2003
Years of Experience : > 15 years
Education : Degree in Engineering
Industry Certifications : ChFC®, IBF Advanced
Notable Achievements : Hall of Honour, Pinnacle Club, Superstar Gold
Specializations : Corporate-Solutions, Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Basketball, Travelling
Title : Premier Leader
Financial Services Associate Director

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
-Muhammad Ali

Junxiong’s Story

I initially joined AIA as an FSC to earn extra income during my undergraduate days in NTU. But it eventually grew into a commitment to help people I crossed paths with. With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, I understand the common financial concerns that individuals and families go through during their different stages of lives. As an FSC, I am committed to ensuring that all my clients’ financial planning needs are well taken of. When I helped a client claim a $1 million hospitalisation bill for end-stage Lymphoma, it was then that I saw how meaningful my job was. As cliché as it may sound, to be a good FSC takes dedication and sincerity.

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“I was on the lookout for insurance coverage for my family members and myself when I first knew Junxiong. During our first meetup, he listened to our concerns and highlighted the gaps in our financial plans. He only recommended policies that matched our needs. Through the years, Junxiong helped us tie through difficult times when our loved ones were sick and hospitalized. Junxiong is an advisor that genuinely cares!”
-Zhu Sheng Jie, Teacher

“Junxiong managed my insurance policies since I was in the army. He was sincere in his approach and never recommended me to take anything more than I could afford. Today, Junxiong is the trusted planner for my family and extended family. We really value this relationship and his sound advice on financial related matters.”
-Marcus Lim, Manager

“I have been mentored by Junxiong ever since I first joined AIA. Junxiong joined AIA since 2003 and has strong conviction in his role as a trusted advisor towards his clients. A selfless manager who leads by example, Junxiong never hesitates to share his knowhow and skills with his team members which has been instrumental in my growth as an advisor.”
-Ron Jacob, Financial Services Consultant

Paul Chee
Financial Services Manager
Title : Financial Services Manager, Premier Leader
Year Joined : 2001
Years of Experience : > 15 years
Education : Degree in Political Science (Honours) & Church Ministry
Industry Certifications : CFP®, ChFC®
Notable Achievements : Superstar Gold
Specializations : Corporate-Solutions, Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Read, Spend time with family, Travel
Title : Premier Leader
Paul Chee
Financial Services Manager

“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but with folly.”
-Jim Rohn

Paul's Story

I joined AIA as an Undergraduate FSC in 2001, and culminating in my present role as an agency manager. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at various functions; sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow practitioners and the general public at large. My passion lies in inspiring my clients and junior consultants to be financially free. To remain at the cutting-edge of the industry, I regularly upgrade my knowledge. I believe that Financial Planning is not about the “product”, but all about the “person”. Therefore, being able to provide better quality advice and service to my clients is of utmost importance to me. As a devoted Christian, I strive to live by the values of Integrity, Dedication and Professionalism.

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“Paul has been my trusted Advisor for over fifteen years. He reliably planned for me as my needs changed, from buying my first home to having my firstborn, then my second. I will always take his prudent recommendations.  He is also always prompt and efficient during claims. I totally recommend him!”
-Carolin Wong, Senior Marketing Manager

“Paul always responds promptly. He patiently guided me when I contacted him after many years. I indicated to buy a new plan but he firmly advised me to consider my overall needs instead of comparing yields and premiums. Being knowledgeable and responsible, he explained why certain plans do not suit my needs. Anyone can rely on Paul for excellent financial advice.”
-Koh Siew Min, Managing Consultant

“I joined Paul before entering university. As my mentor, Paul unconditionally encourages and motivates me to pursue my dreams. Paul is a patient leader and he has never unduly stressed me. Instead, he walks alongside and supports me like a big brother. His analytical insights help me to constantly improve myself. Thank you, Paul for your mentorship and guidance in my career journey.”
-Duke Cheng, Career Consultant

MDRT Consultants

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Financial Services Consultants

Bryan Phua
Financial Services Consultant
Title : Career Consultant, Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2016
Years of Experience : 5-10 years
Education : Degree in Science
Notable Achievements : Million Dollar Club
Specializations : Financial-Planning, General-Insurance
Hobbies : Floorball, Gaming
Title : Career Consultant
Bryan Phua
Financial Services Consultant

Strength does not come from what you do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t.”
-Rikki Rogers

Bryan’s Story

I started my journey as an FSC while studying in NUS. I was initially sceptical to join the financial industry as I would do so as a science student. I then decided to look at it from a different perspective, where I would have an edge in finance over and above my science knowledge. After witnessing how proper financial planning had helped my family, I wish to be able to reach out to many people through this career and make a positive difference for them through application of my knowledge and advice. As an FSC, I aim to give my 101% to all my clients and help them with the best that I can.

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“Hwee Kiat (other name for Bryan) has been a great friend and financial advisor. A down to earth person who is ever so patient and willing to share his advice. He also makes a conscientious effort to check in with me on a regular basis and to provide timely updates. I feel reassured of my insurance coverage with him in charge.”
-Gwee Chia Hong, Administrator

“I have known Hwee Kiat for a decade and he is a trustworthy, sincere and helpful person. I still recall his first advice was to get a hospitalisation plan. When I was excluded for a health condition, he even advise me to try for a better offer from another insurer instead of just taking up the counteroffer. Thankful to have an advisor who puts my interest above all else.”
-Tan Sin Kuan, Engineer

“Bryan is a caring consultant who always considers my situation and needs. He does his prep-work diligently and evaluates my needs accurately. He makes exceptionally relevant recommendations that suit my unique situation. Bryan is an excellent person and a trusted financial advisor whom I am glad to work with through my different life stages.”
-Ho C.L, Accountant

Charisma Liu
Financial Services Consultant
Title : Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2020
Years of Experience : < 5 years
Education : Degree in Marketing
Specializations : Financial-Planning
Hobbies : Beauty enthusiast, Exploring new places
Title : Financial Services Consultant
Charisma Liu
Financial Services Consultant

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.”
- Unknown

Charisma’s Story

Since young, I enjoy interacting with people and forging meaningful relationships. My first job was with an Insurance Agency assisting in Recruitment, it was where I was exposed to the financial services career and began to appreciate how the job can help protect families. Upon graduation, I was working in sales related jobs for a few years before I decided on a career switch. The first option was definitely becoming a financial services consultant as I can make that positive difference and add value to people around me. Being kind to others is what I live by and I hope to positively change lives with my sincerity. Aside from work, I am a beauty enthusiast and love exploring new places.

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“Cong Le (Charisma’s other name) and I have been friends for 9 years and I love her bubbly personality! A person who is always offering me her listening ear and advice with no filters, I am confident Cong Le will be able to help others as she did for me.”

-Cynthia Leong, Marketing Executive

“I met Cong Le through a hiring interview. Right off the bat, she was personable, well-prepared and eager to learn. Seeing her potential, I offered her the position. Through working with her, I have seen her resilience and willingness to strive for the best. Cong Le is a reliable lady who will put your needs before herself.”
-Kristin Quek, Marketing Specialist

“I have known Cong Le since primary school and she was a prefect back then. She is detail-oriented and has strong work ethics. Coupled with her friendly disposition, I believe she will be a great asset to any company.”
-Lok San, Engineer

Chermayne Tng
Financial Services Consultant
Title : Career Consultant, Financial Services Consultant
Year Joined : 2017
Years of Experience : < 5 years
Education : Degree in Business Management
Notable Achievements : Million Dollar Club Gold
Specializations : Corporate-Solutions, Financial-Planning
Hobbies : Fashion discovering, Scrapbooking, Vintage collectibles
Title : Career Consultant
Chermayne Tng
Financial Services Consultant

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.
-Frank Ocean

Chermayne's Story

I used to dabble in the world of fashion since my undergrad days but realized that I will need a job that was more sustainable and fulfilling in the long run – one that I could retire in. Job satisfaction and the fact that my work would extend beyond what was skin-deep were key highlights that brought me to AIA. This career allows me to possess the knowledge to ensure that my family is well-protected against the unpredictable nature of the future and I am also able to help my friends and clients achieve their desired financial goals. I believe that life’s fulfillment comes from self-enhancement and making significant impact in other people’s lives.

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“Throughout my adult life, I was always hesitant to purchase insurance coverage for myself as it was difficult to find someone trustworthy. Meeting Chermayne was life-changing and I knew she has my best interests in mind. Her friendliness and sincerity in helping me eventually convinced me to get myself covered.”
-Teo Pei Fan, Administrative Assistant

“Chermayne has been a great help to me. She is professional and competent, at the same time ever friendly and patient. If she does not have an answer for me at any time, she ensures she comes back with the information that I need. I deeply appreciate her exceptional service. Thank you Chermayne!”
-Jayde Tan, Graphic Designer

“Chermayne is a highly motivated lady, possessing strong conviction and sound knowledge in her field. After understanding my financial situation and goals, she tailored a comprehensive financial portfolio that best addressed my needs. I am glad to have forged a meaningful partnership with Chermayne, and I believe she will continue to improve my future through her dedication towards her clients!”
-Peng Han, NUS Student

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