Christina Pong

Christina Pong

When you understand that life is a test, you realise that nothing is insignificant in your life.”
Rick Warren

Christina’s Story

When I first started as an FSC intern, I did not harbour much expectation as to what was to come. However, while receiving coaching and guidance from my Director and Mentor, I developed a passion for this career and saw how I can value-add to the lives of families and friends around me. People rarely see the importance of insurance, until an unexpected encounter occurs. It is all about the little difference that we can make in their future. I enjoy what I am doing because it encompasses both my interests and knowledge. I also love to explore new food places and catching up with friends outside of work hours.

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“Christina has helped me with my financial planning since I started work 6 years ago! I am always impressed with how neat and organised she is with everything. Christina gives great and practical advice. She is not pushy and is always ready to help me with any questions I ask. Thankful to have Christina as my family advisor.”
-Grace Tan, Executive

“Christina is quick to listen and yet takes careful consideration of my situation and goals before proposing any plans. She helped me consolidate my financial plans in an easy to understand manner to identify gaps. Her recommendations always allow for alternatives and adjustments according to my affordability. Thank you Christina for going the extra mile for your clients.”
-Lee Han, Executive

“In my financial planning journey, one of the things that I greatly value is Christina’s timely check-ins and follow-through, to ensure that I am adequately covered and kept abreast with the latest policy developments. Be it as an advisor or friend, I know I can count on Christina to watch my back in this journey, to provide me with the advice and support whenever needed.”
-Abigail Soh, Statistical Analyst



“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”
Robert H

Sharwyn’s Story

I was referred to Win Financial by a colleague and NS section mate. My interests piqued when I discovered the value and importance of proper risk management and comprehensive planning in achieving financial goals. The ability to help serve like-minded individuals, brings me a sense of fulfilment. While providing efficient, prompt and effective financial plans to my clients, I also forge friendships with them so as to better understand their financial needs and goals. I believe in maintaining a work life balance and the flexibility of this career allows me to achieve that. Out of work, I love to play and watch football.

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“Sharwyn was able to present his financial solutions in an easy-to-understand manner, and his recommendations met my needs adequately. He came prepared with materials and was patient to address all my queries. Even if he did not have the answer, he would find out and get back to me eventually.”
-Andrew Tham, Student

“Sharwyn is a thoughtful financial consultant who took time to understand my needs and finances. He suggested plans that were applicable to my life stage. He is concise and clear with his proposal, making it easily comprehensible to a layman!”
-Zheng Ming Xuan, Secretary

“Approached Sharwyn when my wife was expecting our first born. He was helpful and did his research before proposing us the most suitable plan for our child’s future. He was polite, sure of his work and extremely dedicated in helping us!”
-Aaron Then, Dance Instructor

Yi Kai

Yi Kai

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Yi Kai’s Story

I was introduced to the financial industry through an army friend of mine, who helped me uncover the rewarding aspects of it. Even though many told me this career path is tough, I saw how I could value add to people’s lives, through the meaningful work of financial planning. I knew this was the career I wanted, so I decided to join the financial industry as a full-time Financial Services Consultant. As my mentors share their experiences with me, their passion to serve further inspired me to continue this career path and help more people. During my free time, I love to watch movies and sing, taking it as an opportunity to catch up with my friends.

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“While being wary yet curious about insurance, Yi Kai was patient in explaining the importance of financial planning using insurance as a safeguard. Through my meetup with Yi Kai, I also learnt how to better manage my finances and got to understand my risk profile when it comes to investing. I am grateful to be empowered with that extra knowledge now.”
-Ang Zheng Wei, Digital Consultant

“I have met multiple insurance agents across many years and Yi Kai was the only one who instilled confidence in me about financial planning. He goes beyond the call of duty to service me, not only answering multiple questions but also addressing my concerns whenever I have doubts. I am glad to have found a reliable advisor.”
-Vishunu Arumugam, Project Manager

“Yi Kai has exhibit a remarkable level of professionalism and work ethics. He is extremely patient and accommodating when it comes to understanding my needs. The assurance he provides makes me feel safe entrusting my policy with him. Above all, I love his sense of humor!”
-Guan Quan, Assistant Manager