Paul Chee

Paul Chee

“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but with folly.”
Jim Rohn

Paul’s Story

I joined AIA as an Undergraduate FSC in 2001, and culminating in my present role as an agency manager. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at various functions; sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow practitioners and the general public at large. My passion lies in inspiring my clients and junior consultants to be financially free. To remain at the cutting-edge of the industry, I regularly upgrade my knowledge. I believe that Financial Planning is not about the “product”, but all about the “person”. Therefore, being able to provide better quality advice and service to my clients is of utmost importance to me. As a devoted Christian, I strive to live by the values of Integrity, Dedication and Professionalism.

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“Paul has been my trusted Advisor for over fifteen years. He reliably planned for me as my needs changed, from buying my first home to having my firstborn, then my second. I will always take his prudent recommendations.  He is also always prompt and efficient during claims. I totally recommend him!”
-Carolin Wong, Senior Marketing Manager

“Paul always responds promptly. He patiently guided me when I contacted him after many years. I indicated to buy a new plan but he firmly advised me to consider my overall needs instead of comparing yields and premiums. Being knowledgeable and responsible, he explained why certain plans do not suit my needs. Anyone can rely on Paul for excellent financial advice.”
-Koh Siew Min, Managing Consultant

“I joined Paul before entering university. As my mentor, Paul unconditionally encourages and motivates me to pursue my dreams. Paul is a patient leader and he has never unduly stressed me. Instead, he walks alongside and supports me like a big brother. His analytical insights help me to constantly improve myself. Thank you, Paul for your mentorship and guidance in my career journey.”
-Duke Cheng, Career Consultant

Shearn Lim

Shearn Lim

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
Stephen Covey

Shearn’s Story

I was introduced to Win Financial through my Manager and Mentor, Dovanson. After interacting with him, I developed an interest in this career and saw how I can impact the lives of many others through my knowledge and sincerity. Despite having studied engineering, I wanted a career that could enrich others. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to become an FSC. Being an engineer at heart, I am committed to giving my best to create the best possible path for my clients’ financial goals. I strive to develop the best solutions for my clients in accordance to their resources. I love playing badminton outside work hours as it is important to keep fit.

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“Shearn was professional in his approach and only recommended plans that suit my needs. He helped me obtain the necessary coverage to relieve me from the worries of not having any proper protection. And the process of implementation was seamless! During this circuit breaker period, Shearn even acceded to my request to use Skype to discuss my insurance. Kudos to him!”
-Joyce, System Analyst

“I knew Shearn through SingTel-AIA Campaign. The impression that Shearn gave to me is a down-to-earth and friendly person. It was not all about sales talk. My family already had a few plans with AIA from a resigned agent and Shearn not only helped serviced them, he suggested ways to best optimise our portfolio. It is rare to find an agent who treats his clients like family.”
-Alvin Lim, Vice President

“I knew Shearn from university, and he went into the insurance line later than my other friends, so there was no “first mover” advantage for him. Despite that, Shearn always shares information with me with no agenda and kept me posted of relevant updates. I felt touched by his actions even though I was not his client yet. Eventually, when the need arises, he came to my mind.”
-Justin Teh, Executive Director