Darryl Ong

Darryl Ong

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

Darryl’s Story

I came to know and learn more about the Financial Services Industry when I enrolled into Win Financial’s Summer Internship Program (VEIN). The program was an eye opener and I decided to join the team as a Financial Advisor. This was a decision I never regretted. Having to do my first ever claim for a close friend I knew from my army days, was the moment when I deeply appreciate the meaningful aspects of my career. I realised I can create a positive impact to others by helping them protect themselves from the hazards of life. I am an active person and I attained a black belt in Taekwondo. Progress motivates me and I look forward to achieving greater success in my personal development.

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“I was about to enter the workforce and my parents decided to let me take over all my insurance policies. I was unclear of what I was covered and sought Darryl’s advice. During our first appointment, Darryl explained in detail what each policy covers and highlighted areas where I could fill the gaps. It was a fruitful appointment and it made me realize how lucky I am to have parents who believe in starting insurance early for me.”
-Tay Zheng Hui, Private Tutor

“I was approached by Darryl during army and I decided to start financial planning early upon his advice. Darryl takes the effort to understand my needs and concerns and suggested areas where I could plan. He considered my different life stages and ensured that I could still afford to go for my student exchange and comfortably pay for the down payment of my first HDB.”
-Justin Ong, Accountant

“I was piled up with student loans that started in Polytechnic and had trouble clearing them upon entering army. Darryl was the first consultant who gave me advice to defer the payment because I was in National Service. He even shared with me how I can obtain funding and scholarship to subsidise my University fees. Having an advisor who is in the same life stage as myself has helped me tremendously!”
-Kevin Yong, University Student

Dylon Poh

Dylon Poh

Life and business is like changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.”
Jim Rohn

Dylon’s Story

I was interested in finance and dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. When my Mentor, Winnie, offered me an internship, I knew it was an opportunity to pursue my dreams. However, I was initially sceptical about the career path of an FSC. What made me take on this career eventually was when I learnt about the story of my colleague presenting a claim cheque to a widow. It enlightened me on the true meaning behind this career – the ability to impact the lives of many. Coming from a family with financial burdens, I saw the importance of financial planning and the need to prepare for rainy days, and I am committed to giving my clients my best. 

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“Dylon is a helpful and experienced consultant. Coming from an actuary background, I really like his advice as it was honest and genuine. This has helped with my financial planning process tremendously!”
-Shawn Neo, Guards Officer

“Dylon is an agent who provides me with up-to-date information about my insurance portfolio. He delivers his honest opinions on financial planning strategies. I appreciate Dylon for his diligence in following up with me. I never once felt Dylon is out to ‘hard sell’ me and is thankful to have a friend and an advisor blend into one.”
-Sean Lim, Business Consultant

“I find Dylon very approachable and efficient in his work and communication. During our meet up, he clearly explained my policies and did a great job helping me compare the various options I was evaluating. Excellent advisor to have!”
–Lishanth Thangavelu, Teacher

Spencer Neo

Spencer Neo

“Carpe Diem! Seize the day.”

Spencer’s Story

I joined Win Financial shortly after graduation as I felt the career was relevant to what I studied, and one that would give me satisfaction from the ability to help others. I strive to give my clients the best buying experience, with my attention to detail, and ability to view a problem from different perspectives, before offering the best solution for them. With a constant thirst for new knowledge, I enjoy reading during my free time to better myself, and in turn share personal experiences and lessons to help better others. One of my favourite reads is “Who Moved My Cheese”, a short story that serves to remind me to always be adaptable to changes and have the courage to take a leap of faith at times.

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“I have known Jun Hao (Spencer’s other name) for almost a decade. I have observed that he is a man of ambition and is extremely dedicated in his endeavours. In his pursuit for excellence, he takes care of the people around him. Jun Hao is not just an inspiration to me, but to others whose lives he has touched.”
-Tze Yen, Undergraduate

“I enjoy working with Spencer to evaluate and plan my financial matters. His openness makes every discussion a no-frills process. He places a lot of emphasis on servicing his clients. Even when I text him past midnight, he bothers to reply me! I can tell Spencer works hard for his goals but not at the expense of compromising his client’s well-being. Spencer is exemplary in many ways and I am confident he will go far in this industry.”
-Shawn Yang, Citibank.

“My friendship with Jun Hao spans more than 10 years. Besides being an awesome buddy, he is the finest insurance professional I have ever worked with. I like the way how Jun Hao analyses my needs before tailoring the recommendations that meet my situation. I look forward to many more years working with Jun Hao, one who cares more about me and my family’s needs than his commission checks.”
-Je Eung, Educator