Alam Shah

Alam Shah

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

Alam’s Story

Before becoming an FSC, I was a Guards Officer. I chose to change my career path because I felt that my outspoken and driven nature would suit this challenging industry. After more than 20 years in the business, I received numerous AIA awards such as the Million Dollar Club, Premier Agent Club, and qualified for various overseas conventions. I believe in providing quality advice and transparency to my clients. I can converse in English, Malay and even Mandarin, which is a plus point for me as I do not have any language barriers with my clients. My strengths are in building rapport and long-term relationships, and I am always willing to go the extra mile for the people I serve. I run regularly to keep myself fit and enjoy watching a good game of football with my sons.

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“We have Alam as our Financial Advisor for 2 decades. Yes, that long! That is because he is a very sensible, fair and responsible agent. In fact, he is like a family member who never fails to guide us in our policy decisions whether it is for asset building, medical or education policies for our kids. His in-depth knowledge and insights has helped us make many wise decisions.”
-Poonam Rai, Assistant Manager

“Alam has been advising me on insurance matters since the day I started working. He has been with my family for decades and is a trusted agent and friend to depend on. He is willing to go the extra mile to aid us in claim matters. I do have policies with other insurers, but none of the advisors are comparable to Alam in terms of their dedication to serve.”
-Diana Lim, Manager

“I have found Alam a truly honest person with clear intentions to help his clients. His excellent product knowledge and the ability to clearly explain his thoughts makes him a true professional. His understanding of current affairs and investment markets are also commendable. I admire his work ethics and he is by far my best servicing agent!”
-Syed Alhabshee, Event Organiser

Dylon Poh

Dylon Poh

Life and business is like changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.”
Jim Rohn

Dylon’s Story

I was interested in finance and dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. When my Mentor, Winnie, offered me an internship, I knew it was an opportunity to pursue my dreams. However, I was initially sceptical about the career path of an FSC. What made me take on this career eventually was when I learnt about the story of my colleague presenting a claim cheque to a widow. It enlightened me on the true meaning behind this career – the ability to impact the lives of many. Coming from a family with financial burdens, I saw the importance of financial planning and the need to prepare for rainy days, and I am committed to giving my clients my best. 

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“Dylon is a helpful and experienced consultant. Coming from an actuary background, I really like his advice as it was honest and genuine. This has helped with my financial planning process tremendously!”
-Shawn Neo, Guards Officer

“Dylon is an agent who provides me with up-to-date information about my insurance portfolio. He delivers his honest opinions on financial planning strategies. I appreciate Dylon for his diligence in following up with me. I never once felt Dylon is out to ‘hard sell’ me and is thankful to have a friend and an advisor blend into one.”
-Sean Lim, Business Consultant

“I find Dylon very approachable and efficient in his work and communication. During our meet up, he clearly explained my policies and did a great job helping me compare the various options I was evaluating. Excellent advisor to have!”
–Lishanth Thangavelu, Teacher

Isa  Zainal

Isa Zainal

Only when you feel small, can you then start to learn.”
Ren Zhengfei

Isa’s Story

I came across Win Financial through a seminar they conducted in my University. It was through the session I was introduced to financial planning. In my growing up years, my father imparted to me the importance of saving for a rainy day. I decided to join the group’s summer internship to explore the financial services industry. It was an eye opener as I discovered financial planning encompasses risk protection, wealth accumulation and even legacy planning. This realization sparked my interest to become a licensed advisor even before I graduate. I am inspired by my leader Adriann who conducts his business with sincerity which aligns with my personal value of selflessness and integrity. I am not into sports, but I do enjoy running in the morning as it inspires me to start everyday right! 

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“I met Isa through social media. At first, I was unsure what financial planning was all about. He was patient and clear in explaining the benefits of financial planning and starting early. I took up my first policy with him and I felt glad knowing I have taken the first step! Isa is a patient and friendly person and I have gladly recommended him to my colleagues.”
-Amira Diyana, Cabin Crew

“Isa approached me through a survey and I indicated I was keen in savings. Isa guided me on the various options available to set aside my money yet using part of it to fund my tertiary studies. He was patient and concise on explaining the benefits. I particularly like his concepts on how I can grow my money through compounding.”
-Muhammad Syawal, NSF