Winnie Cheah

Winnie Cheah

“In the face of obstacles, instead of asking: what’s wrong? Ask instead: what’s next.
Winnie Cheah

Winnie’s Story

It was during 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that I made the bold move to join the Insurance Industry. There was no looking back ever since. I faced many obstacles transiting from Banker to Advisor and I am grateful for supportive clients who have given me the opportunity to partner with them in their financial planning journey. I embrace life with an attitude of excellence and firmly believe that success is by design. Other than the mentors who have guided me, I am thankful for the many veterans ahead of me who have penned down their greatest lessons in books – which has brought me to where I am today. My dream eventually is to write and publish my own book.

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“I was unable to claim on my policies due to poor advice from my previous advisor. I was introduced to Winnie and she focused on understanding my concerns before recommending any solutions. I was convinced of her sincerity and eventually entrusted my family’s insurance planning to her.”
Cami Soh, Director of Operations

“I was serviced by Winnie since Army and it took me a while for me to appreciate the benefits of financial planning. Without her relentless follow-up, I would not have gone to the extent of systematically planning my retirement years and children’s education.”
Ken Lee, University Professor

“Winnie delivers her service through sound advice, prompt response and an immaculate claims process supported by her staff.  I am very assured of the level of commitment Winnie has for all clients despite the many hats she has to wear.”
Jeslyn Phua, Senior Executive

Anson Cheng

Anson Cheng

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
Jim Ron

Anson’s Story

I was first introduced to this profession by an internship offer. Being an Engineering student, the career path as a Financial Consultant was something that has never crossed my mind. After meeting my Director and Mentor, Winnie, I realised this is a career that could give me a purpose at work. Insurance and financial planning are extremely important in this fast-developing world and I strongly believe that everyone should have proper planning. This belief started when my father suffered a minor stroke and we were unable to afford the medical bills. Nobody should be a liability to others and it is vital that everybody is able to get back on their feet quickly after a fall.

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“Before recommending any insurance policies, Anson listened patiently to my concerns and was prompt in answering my questions whenever I had doubts. Through working with Anson, I found him to be a man with great integrity and good work ethics. Anson is an advisor who is attentive towards his clients’ needs and definitely one I can entrust my financial planning with!”
-Kerin Kok, Teacher

“I am extremely fortunate to have Anson to service my insurance policies. My experience with insurance advisors improved tremendously ever since. From ensuring that my policies were up to date to advising me on risk management strategies to protect me. Anson is there not only as an insurance agent but also a close family friend.“ 
-Bernard Kay, Operations Manager

“I want to thank my agent Anson for the excellent work he is doing in taking care of my family’s insurance and investments needs. I am glad that Anson is now managing my family’s policies with AIA. Over the course of 2 years, we have developed a certain level of trust with him. Anson, thanks for your help and I hope you continue to help many more families.”
-Arwin Reyes, Director

Janet Lim

Janet Lim

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
Amelia Earheart

Janet’s Story

Formerly a Flight Stewardess with SIA, I envisioned to be in a career that allows me to impact more lives. I hence decided to become an FSC after being introduced to Win Financial through a friend. Being empathetic and willing to go that extra mile is what makes me stand out as an FSC. I am thankful to have had qualified for Headstart Seminar in Bangkok in 2018, even though I was new to the company then. I feel at ease when my clients are adequately protected against hazards of life. A fun fact about me is that I really love food and eating, and I also love reading and traveling!

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“I’m very picky when it comes to engaging a financial advisor. Despite purchasing a small accident plan, Janet is always helpful in offering her advice and assisting me with policies sold by other AIA Advisors. To me, Janet is not only an advisor, she is my friend.”
-Justin Teo, Director

“Janet comes across as a sincere and genuine advisor. There was no stress or pressure during our discussions and meet ups. Appreciate her help and patience in handling my claims and enquiries. She is the loveliest agent you would want to have!”
-Dorcas Zhuo, Homemaker

“Janet always makes the effort to keep me updated of the products and services that her company offers. She is thoughtful, not pushy and ensures that her plans meet my needs before recommending them. I am thankful to have Janet as my Financial Advisor.”
-Alvin Zhao, Business Owner

Leo Zhang

Leo Zhang

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney

Leo’s story

I was formerly an external auditor with over five years of commercial experience with large MNCs, and have covered various functions including financial analysis and enterprise risk management. I learned about Win Financial at a professional networking event and was deeply impressed by its long-standing achievements in providing financial services to its clients. I strongly believe in the importance of financial planning as well as the value of financial literacy, and this motivated me to join the team of professional advisors with alike minds and attitudes. As an FSC, I hope to deliver the real value of financial planning to more people, helping them better achieve their financial goals and well-being based on their needs.

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“Leo is a trustworthy financial planner for our family. He is professional, knowledgeable yet never pushy. His advice took into consideration our needs and concerns applicable to our life stage. He is passionate to share his knowledge and provides us regular updates.”
-Ray Wu, CFO

“As my financial service consultant, Leo is very responsible in taking care of my financial planning needs. He knows his work well and can explain everything clearly whenever I approach him for advice. I am glad to be served by Leo and believe he will excel in his work.”
-Wen Hui, Interior Designer

“Leo is an approachable person and he is to me a caring advisor. He conducted the entire financial review process smoothly and seamlessly. I knew clearly what I needed to get through his advice and was happy to entrust my financial planning with him. For a peace of mind, please look for Leo!”
-Alina Zhou, Regional Controller

Spencer Neo

Spencer Neo

“Carpe Diem! Seize the day.”

Spencer’s Story

I joined Win Financial shortly after graduation as I felt the career was relevant to what I studied, and one that would give me satisfaction from the ability to help others. I strive to give my clients the best buying experience, with my attention to detail, and ability to view a problem from different perspectives, before offering the best solution for them. With a constant thirst for new knowledge, I enjoy reading during my free time to better myself, and in turn share personal experiences and lessons to help better others. One of my favourite reads is “Who Moved My Cheese”, a short story that serves to remind me to always be adaptable to changes and have the courage to take a leap of faith at times.

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“I have known Jun Hao (Spencer’s other name) for almost a decade. I have observed that he is a man of ambition and is extremely dedicated in his endeavours. In his pursuit for excellence, he takes care of the people around him. Jun Hao is not just an inspiration to me, but to others whose lives he has touched.”
-Tze Yen, Undergraduate

“I enjoy working with Spencer to evaluate and plan my financial matters. His openness makes every discussion a no-frills process. He places a lot of emphasis on servicing his clients. Even when I text him past midnight, he bothers to reply me! I can tell Spencer works hard for his goals but not at the expense of compromising his client’s well-being. Spencer is exemplary in many ways and I am confident he will go far in this industry.”
-Shawn Yang, Citibank.

“My friendship with Jun Hao spans more than 10 years. Besides being an awesome buddy, he is the finest insurance professional I have ever worked with. I like the way how Jun Hao analyses my needs before tailoring the recommendations that meet my situation. I look forward to many more years working with Jun Hao, one who cares more about me and my family’s needs than his commission checks.”
-Je Eung, Educator