Dovanson Quah

Dovanson Quah

Love as you would have others love you.

Dovanson’s Story

I was an undergraduate when I first joined AIA as an FSC as a way of earning extra allowance. However, over the years, I found a sense of belonging to Win Financial and a burning passion for the career. Upon graduation, I was offered to work in Australia to join my father in a Japanese Engineering MNC, which I turned down after much consideration. I had witnessed sufferings that a family would go through without proper financial planning, but more often than not, this realization comes too late for many, and the price to pay becomes too high. Therefore, it has since then been my plan to educate as many people as possible on the importance of having proper financial planning.

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“I have known Dovanson for almost half of my life and his reliability and patience have been unwavering. He is a big help in getting my finances in order – always willing to go the extra mile even though there is nothing in it for him. I am clueless and fazed about financial planning, and he took the effort to explained in the most simplistic manner to the point till I finally understood – kudos to that.”
-Cheryl Lim, Associate Director, Advertising

“Dovanson and I have known each other since secondary school. I approached him to handle my AIA policies as I preferred someone familiar. Dovanson plans for me according to my current situation. He had even advised me not to take up any policy at some point in time because I was well covered. This is the mark of a truly professional financial advisor.”
-Chew Sin Kiat, IT Security Specialist

“Being part of Spartans Advisors made me realised how fortunate I am to be groomed and nurtured under the wings of Dovanson. I am extremely grateful for his selflessness and patience. Such servant leadership has brought out the best in me. To my boss and mentor Dovanson, you deserve an extra note of thanks for bringing me to where I am today!”
-Chermayne Tng, Career Consultant

Lloyd Miyahara

Lloyd Miyahara

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
Jim Rohn

Lloyd’s Story

I was formerly a Marketing Executive for a prestigious private property developer in Singapore, after having worked for 12 years in a leading bank in the Philippines. I was introduced to the growing industry of Life Insurance after meeting Winnie, Director of Win Financial, who used to be my client. I chose to become an FSC because I saw greater purpose in this career. I enjoy what I do as I get to help reduce the burden of those in need, and allow them to live a better life through proper financial planning. I believe that being successful is not just about earning money, but most importantly, serving my purpose to my clients, family, and friends. I enjoy photography as it allows me to capture and cherish memories.

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“Lloyd Miyahara is our family financial planner. He made sure that we fully understood the benefits and limitations of the policies before we signed up for them. Lloyd is very patient and always attends to our queries. He proactively updates us on the status of our investments with AIA and ensured we are always in touch with each other.”
-Roxane Manumbale, Senior Business Analyst

“I have known Lloyd from our Church and he has helped me greatly in my insurance and investment planning. There was a time when I called for his help to retrieve a policy document. He was driving then and sensing my urgency, he pulled over his vehicle so he could retrieve the information for me. I am thankful for an advisor who is so dedicated to serving his clients.”
-Richard Vergara, Director

“Lloyd helped me and my wife prepare for our future through the comprehensive financial plans offered by AIA. All these years, I appreciate Lloyd for his responsiveness and his advice has been helpful in guiding us through our life stages.”
-Sherwin Nofuente, Senior Test Engineer

Ron Jacob

Ron Jacob

“In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double.”
Bobby McFerrin

Ron’s Story

I came to know about the Win Financial Group through an Army Talk during my NS days. In the hope of being more financially independent, I decided to take the opportunity to learn while I earn. As such, I joined Win Financial as an undergrad Financial Services Consultant while studying part-time at SIM. The time flexibility as an FSC allowed me to strike a good balance between work and school commitments. I love what I am doing as I get to meet and help people with my knowledge and ability. I have a passion for photography and I love to play video games as a form of recreation and leisure.

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“What me and my husband like about Ron is that he explains the products thoroughly, fully understands our financial situation, and was not pushy with his selling. Since 2017, we have been buying AIA plans through him and he has been serving us well like his family members.”
-Deserre Condo, Executive Officer

“Ron has been my friend and insurance advisor since 2015. I took up most of my plans with him because he illustrated the insurance concept in a way that is easy to understand. I felt his authenticity and never felt he was all out to hard sell me.”
-Hannah Vargas, Sales & Marketing Executive

“I am friends with Ron as we attend the same church. He comes across as an easy-going guy who is so willing to lend a hand to anyone in need of help! When my family decided to take up medical insurance, we did not hesitate to take them up through Ron. Ron is extremely responsive whenever we have questions and always finds time to check up on us.”
-Jerrelin Caballa, Product Management Executive