Dovanson Quah

Dovanson Quah

Love as you would have others love you.

Dovanson’s Story

I was an undergraduate when I first joined AIA as an FSC as a way of earning extra allowance. However, over the years, I found a sense of belonging to Win Financial and a burning passion for the career. Upon graduation, I was offered to work in Australia to join my father in a Japanese Engineering MNC, which I turned down after much consideration. I had witnessed sufferings that a family would go through without proper financial planning, but more often than not, this realization comes too late for many, and the price to pay becomes too high. Therefore, it has since then been my plan to educate as many people as possible on the importance of having proper financial planning.

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“I have known Dovanson for almost half of my life and his reliability and patience have been unwavering. He is a big help in getting my finances in order – always willing to go the extra mile even though there is nothing in it for him. I am clueless and fazed about financial planning, and he took the effort to explained in the most simplistic manner to the point till I finally understood – kudos to that.”
-Cheryl Lim, Associate Director, Advertising

“Dovanson and I have known each other since secondary school. I approached him to handle my AIA policies as I preferred someone familiar. Dovanson plans for me according to my current situation. He had even advised me not to take up any policy at some point in time because I was well covered. This is the mark of a truly professional financial advisor.”
-Chew Sin Kiat, IT Security Specialist

“Being part of Spartans Advisors made me realised how fortunate I am to be groomed and nurtured under the wings of Dovanson. I am extremely grateful for his selflessness and patience. Such servant leadership has brought out the best in me. To my boss and mentor Dovanson, you deserve an extra note of thanks for bringing me to where I am today!”
-Chermayne Tng, Career Consultant

Darryl Ong

Darryl Ong

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

Darryl’s Story

I came to know and learn more about the Financial Services Industry when I enrolled into Win Financial’s Summer Internship Program (VEIN). The program was an eye opener and I decided to join the team as a Financial Advisor. This was a decision I never regretted. Having to do my first ever claim for a close friend I knew from my army days, was the moment when I deeply appreciate the meaningful aspects of my career. I realised I can create a positive impact to others by helping them protect themselves from the hazards of life. I am an active person and I attained a black belt in Taekwondo. Progress motivates me and I look forward to achieving greater success in my personal development.

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“I was about to enter the workforce and my parents decided to let me take over all my insurance policies. I was unclear of what I was covered and sought Darryl’s advice. During our first appointment, Darryl explained in detail what each policy covers and highlighted areas where I could fill the gaps. It was a fruitful appointment and it made me realize how lucky I am to have parents who believe in starting insurance early for me.”
-Tay Zheng Hui, Private Tutor

“I was approached by Darryl during army and I decided to start financial planning early upon his advice. Darryl takes the effort to understand my needs and concerns and suggested areas where I could plan. He considered my different life stages and ensured that I could still afford to go for my student exchange and comfortably pay for the down payment of my first HDB.”
-Justin Ong, Accountant

“I was piled up with student loans that started in Polytechnic and had trouble clearing them upon entering army. Darryl was the first consultant who gave me advice to defer the payment because I was in National Service. He even shared with me how I can obtain funding and scholarship to subsidise my University fees. Having an advisor who is in the same life stage as myself has helped me tremendously!”
-Kevin Yong, University Student

Yew Sheng

Yew Sheng

“Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.”

Yew Sheng’s Story

Witnessing the growth and job satisfaction my cousin attained after she did a career switch from auditor to advisor, I was inspired to have a taste of the work by joining the Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN) Program under her Group. I was convinced of the career and ended up joining her team. In this line of work, I aim to change people’s perception of insurance by making a positive difference in their lives. Giving clients my best, I treat every appointment as though it is just catching up with a close friend, assuring them I will always be there in any time of need. I enjoy soccer a lot as it helps me keep fit while having fun with my friends.

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“Sheng took the time and effort to analyse my current insurance policies and was able to make sound recommendations to address the gaps. I am grateful for his thoroughness and the care he took to ensure I have sufficient coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances happening to me.”
-Aerenia Lim, Marketing Manager

“Yew Sheng was meticulous in explaining my financial portfolio, which enabled me to have a better picture of how I can better plan to achieve my desired financial goals. Yew Sheng prepared a proposal specially tailored to my needs and life stage which I eventually implemented through him. I look forward to further planning with him after my graduation!”
-Arina Lim, Student