Nai Cheng

Nai Cheng

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness!”
Frank Tyger

Nai Cheng’s Story

I learned about the industry and Win Financial Group through my Financial Services Consultant, Leo. I was inspired by him to pursue the financial services career even though I am still an undergrad as I saw the meaningful benefits of this industry. As a firm believer in ‘mission before commission’, I strive to build close relationships and grow with my clients through their different stages in life. With a passion to serve, I find great joy in providing purposeful advice to my clients and friends. Aside from being an FSC, I am currently also an entrepreneur of my own start-up brand. Juggling between work and school can be tough at times, but I believe that it will push me to become a better person! Outside of work, I love to exercise to keep fit!

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“It was an enjoyable presentation that was informative and coherent. Nai Cheng kept it engaging and I learnt a lot more about investment and insurance. Thank you!”
-Melissa, Undergrad

“Nai Cheng is a meticulous and dedicated individual who is sensitive to his client’s needs. He offers appropriate advice and solutions to suit the demands of customers from all walks of life.”
-Xuanting, Undergrad

“Nai Cheng was really patient with my questions on the different types of investment and insurance options. He truly looks after his clients’ well-being and I highly recommend his services.”
-Jordan, Undergrad


Rachel Chua

Rachel Chua

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”
Nelson Mandela

Rachel’s Story

I learned about Win Financial Group through a talk in NUS and was inspired to explore this profession after an interview. I decided to become a Financial Services Consultant before graduation as I found the career meaningful and fulfilling. The job allows me to understand people’s concerns through a consultation process and at the same time, educate them on the importance of insurance. I also get to stay in constant touch with my friends and walk alongside them through their life’s journey. During my free time, I spend quality time with my family and lovable chihuahua. To keep a healthy lifestyle, I do HIIT workout three times per week.

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“Rachel is a very friendly and approachable financial services consultant. She is not only responsive, she strives her best to address my enquiries regarding financial plans. I am convinced by her sincerity and will definitely continue to seek her advice.”
-Valerie Kan, Tax Associate

“Rachel is a friendly and helpful financial services consultant. She explained the policies patiently even though I could not understand the various insurance jargons. Once I start work, I would definitely engage Rachel as my financial services consultant.”
-Camy Cheng, Life Science Undergraduate

“Rachel is a responsible and hardworking financial services consultant. She handles people with care and professionalism. She replies almost instantaneously and gives her utmost efforts in answering my enquiries.”
-Markus, Director