Adriann Ang

Adriann Ang

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
-Winston S. Churchill

Adriann’s Story

I joined AIA as an Undergraduate FSC when I was 21 to earn more pocket money. I used to be quiet and reserved until I started gaining confidence through the business. Instead of pursuing my course of study of Engineering upon graduation, I continued my line of financial work. Under the guidance of my Director, Winnie, and with support from my wife, Fran, I became a Manager, and was eventually promoted to Associate Director. I lead a team of consultants, mostly from similar backgrounds as me. Even as a manager, I serve my clients and ensure they never walk alone in their financial planning journey. Apart from work, I also enjoy spending time with my loved ones.

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“For close to two decades, Adriann has taken good care of me in my financial planning through recommending suitable insurance plans and providing sound advice on finance matters. He is always meticulous and systematic in his approach and I always look forward to meeting him to discuss how I can better plan and prepare for my future.”
-Yow Cheun Hoe, Associate Professor/Director

“Adriann has been my financial planner for 13 years. He consistently provides advice that caters to my  different life stages, and is always proactively sharing new information with me. This is helpful to clients who are not financially savvy or lack the bandwidth to consistently align their financial planning approach in accordance to their evolving life goals.“ 
-Yeo Li Xian Eugene, Biometrics Consultant

“I was an undergraduate when I joined Adriann’s Team. Adriann not only coaches me as my manager but guides me as a big brother through my life journey. I recall vividly years back I had a bad breakup and was devastated. Adriann drove to my place in the middle of the night to comfort and listen to me. I am thankful to have a leader who cares for my success and well-being.”
-Kelvin Ang, Financial Services Consultant

Anson Cheng

Anson Cheng

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
Jim Ron

Anson’s Story

I was first introduced to this profession by an internship offer. Being an Engineering student, the career path as a Financial Consultant was something that has never crossed my mind. After meeting my Director and Mentor, Winnie, I realised this is a career that could give me a purpose at work. Insurance and financial planning are extremely important in this fast-developing world and I strongly believe that everyone should have proper planning. This belief started when my father suffered a minor stroke and we were unable to afford the medical bills. Nobody should be a liability to others and it is vital that everybody is able to get back on their feet quickly after a fall.

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“Before recommending any insurance policies, Anson listened patiently to my concerns and was prompt in answering my questions whenever I had doubts. Through working with Anson, I found him to be a man with great integrity and good work ethics. Anson is an advisor who is attentive towards his clients’ needs and definitely one I can entrust my financial planning with!”
-Kerin Kok, Teacher

“I am extremely fortunate to have Anson to service my insurance policies. My experience with insurance advisors improved tremendously ever since. From ensuring that my policies were up to date to advising me on risk management strategies to protect me. Anson is there not only as an insurance agent but also a close family friend.“ 
-Bernard Kay, Operations Manager

“I want to thank my agent Anson for the excellent work he is doing in taking care of my family’s insurance and investments needs. I am glad that Anson is now managing my family’s policies with AIA. Over the course of 2 years, we have developed a certain level of trust with him. Anson, thanks for your help and I hope you continue to help many more families.”
-Arwin Reyes, Director

Lloyd Miyahara

Lloyd Miyahara

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
Jim Rohn

Lloyd’s Story

I was formerly a Marketing Executive for a prestigious private property developer in Singapore, after having worked for 12 years in a leading bank in the Philippines. I was introduced to the growing industry of Life Insurance after meeting Winnie, Director of Win Financial, who used to be my client. I chose to become an FSC because I saw greater purpose in this career. I enjoy what I do as I get to help reduce the burden of those in need, and allow them to live a better life through proper financial planning. I believe that being successful is not just about earning money, but most importantly, serving my purpose to my clients, family, and friends. I enjoy photography as it allows me to capture and cherish memories.

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“Lloyd Miyahara is our family financial planner. He made sure that we fully understood the benefits and limitations of the policies before we signed up for them. Lloyd is very patient and always attends to our queries. He proactively updates us on the status of our investments with AIA and ensured we are always in touch with each other.”
-Roxane Manumbale, Senior Business Analyst

“I have known Lloyd from our Church and he has helped me greatly in my insurance and investment planning. There was a time when I called for his help to retrieve a policy document. He was driving then and sensing my urgency, he pulled over his vehicle so he could retrieve the information for me. I am thankful for an advisor who is so dedicated to serving his clients.”
-Richard Vergara, Director

“Lloyd helped me and my wife prepare for our future through the comprehensive financial plans offered by AIA. All these years, I appreciate Lloyd for his responsiveness and his advice has been helpful in guiding us through our life stages.”
-Sherwin Nofuente, Senior Test Engineer

Sharon Chia

Sharon Chia

“We live by choice, not by chance.”
Miranda Marrott

Sharon’s Story

Although I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, I knew I did not want to work in a laboratory. I wanted a career that allows me to interact with new people every day. In my early working years, I had a Financial Advisor who was competent, and her sincerity inspired me to explore this career. I also realised there are many elderly individuals who are uninsured and are burdened with heavy medical bills. All these prompted me to become an FSC so that I can protect my own family and the people around me. I enjoy doing onsite sketching and would usually bring my sketchbook with me whenever I visit interesting places.

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“Sharon was assigned to service my policies when I called AIA Customer Service to request for a replacement advisor. Right from the first meetup, she exceeded my expectations by her professionalism and sound advice. Her lively and sincere deposition makes every discussion enjoyable, like a nice catch up session between old friends!”
-Chong Min, President Director

“I was introduced to Sharon through a mutual friend. Sharon offered to consolidate all my insurance plans even before I became her client. She addressed my insurance gaps brilliantly and serviced my family promptly in claim matters. Thank you, Sharon for serving us and we really appreciate your dedication and commitment.”
-Achanta Srinivas, Audio & Visual Engineer

“Sharon is very dedicated to her profession. She is prompt with her replies and has a good grasp of her industry knowledge. She fully comprehends my financial situation and needs before customising a comprehensive financial planning package. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone who seeks a Financial Planner who is professional and detailed.”
-Kek Chu Xiang, Executive

Shearn Lim

Shearn Lim

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
Stephen Covey

Shearn’s Story

I was introduced to Win Financial through my Manager and Mentor, Dovanson. After interacting with him, I developed an interest in this career and saw how I can impact the lives of many others through my knowledge and sincerity. Despite having studied engineering, I wanted a career that could enrich others. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to become an FSC. Being an engineer at heart, I am committed to giving my best to create the best possible path for my clients’ financial goals. I strive to develop the best solutions for my clients in accordance to their resources. I love playing badminton outside work hours as it is important to keep fit.

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“Shearn was professional in his approach and only recommended plans that suit my needs. He helped me obtain the necessary coverage to relieve me from the worries of not having any proper protection. And the process of implementation was seamless! During this circuit breaker period, Shearn even acceded to my request to use Skype to discuss my insurance. Kudos to him!”
-Joyce, System Analyst

“I knew Shearn through SingTel-AIA Campaign. The impression that Shearn gave to me is a down-to-earth and friendly person. It was not all about sales talk. My family already had a few plans with AIA from a resigned agent and Shearn not only helped serviced them, he suggested ways to best optimise our portfolio. It is rare to find an agent who treats his clients like family.”
-Alvin Lim, Vice President

“I knew Shearn from university, and he went into the insurance line later than my other friends, so there was no “first mover” advantage for him. Despite that, Shearn always shares information with me with no agenda and kept me posted of relevant updates. I felt touched by his actions even though I was not his client yet. Eventually, when the need arises, he came to my mind.”
-Justin Teh, Executive Director