Kelvin Ang

Kelvin Ang

You cannot choose what happens in your life but you can choose what you are going to do about it.
-Jessica Khoury

Kelvin’s Story

As I had planned to pay off my tuition loan by the time I graduated from university, I had been working part-time and giving tuition after my NS. The choice and opportunity to become an FSC was clear, when I sat for a financial talk during my university camp. Like some others, I was sceptical about the career initially. However, after finding out and learning more from other experienced consultants, I realised this was the career I was looking for. It is a purposeful career that allows me to be financially independent, and make a difference in other people’s lives. Outside of work, I love to travel around the world and explore different cities and their cultures.

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“Kelvin is a knowledgeable advisor who does not hard sell. Instead, he listens to my concerns so he can better analyse my situation. His recommended solutions usually come with options so he can better establish my preferences. He is well versed in investments, often giving me tips on how to get better returns on my monies.”
-Tan Li Ching, Human Resource Director

“When I graduated from NUS, I was looking for a financial planner. I was glad to be introduced to Kelvin through a friend. Unlike previous planners I encountered, Kelvin was detailed in his process in uncovering my gaps and understanding my needs. I really appreciate how he uses applications such as Goals Mapper to chart out my retirement years.”
-Lim Jia Wen, Marketing Associate

“Kelvin is prompt in his replies, and he avails himself whenever I need him. There was an occasion when I was hospitalised, and he happened to be overseas. He not only helped me check my policy details, he went the extra mile to explain the admission procedures over a long-distance call. Simply put, Kelvin is an advisor that genuinely cares for his clients!”
-Chan Chun Kiat, Army Regular

Sharon Chia

Sharon Chia

“We live by choice, not by chance.”
Miranda Marrott

Sharon’s Story

Although I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, I knew I did not want to work in a laboratory. I wanted a career that allows me to interact with new people every day. In my early working years, I had a Financial Advisor who was competent, and her sincerity inspired me to explore this career. I also realised there are many elderly individuals who are uninsured and are burdened with heavy medical bills. All these prompted me to become an FSC so that I can protect my own family and the people around me. I enjoy doing onsite sketching and would usually bring my sketchbook with me whenever I visit interesting places.

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“Sharon was assigned to service my policies when I called AIA Customer Service to request for a replacement advisor. Right from the first meetup, she exceeded my expectations by her professionalism and sound advice. Her lively and sincere deposition makes every discussion enjoyable, like a nice catch up session between old friends!”
-Chong Min, President Director

“I was introduced to Sharon through a mutual friend. Sharon offered to consolidate all my insurance plans even before I became her client. She addressed my insurance gaps brilliantly and serviced my family promptly in claim matters. Thank you, Sharon for serving us and we really appreciate your dedication and commitment.”
-Achanta Srinivas, Audio & Visual Engineer

“Sharon is very dedicated to her profession. She is prompt with her replies and has a good grasp of her industry knowledge. She fully comprehends my financial situation and needs before customising a comprehensive financial planning package. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone who seeks a Financial Planner who is professional and detailed.”
-Kek Chu Xiang, Executive

Shearn Lim

Shearn Lim

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
Stephen Covey

Shearn’s Story

I was introduced to Win Financial through my Manager and Mentor, Dovanson. After interacting with him, I developed an interest in this career and saw how I can impact the lives of many others through my knowledge and sincerity. Despite having studied engineering, I wanted a career that could enrich others. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to become an FSC. Being an engineer at heart, I am committed to giving my best to create the best possible path for my clients’ financial goals. I strive to develop the best solutions for my clients in accordance to their resources. I love playing badminton outside work hours as it is important to keep fit.

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“Shearn was professional in his approach and only recommended plans that suit my needs. He helped me obtain the necessary coverage to relieve me from the worries of not having any proper protection. And the process of implementation was seamless! During this circuit breaker period, Shearn even acceded to my request to use Skype to discuss my insurance. Kudos to him!”
-Joyce, System Analyst

“I knew Shearn through SingTel-AIA Campaign. The impression that Shearn gave to me is a down-to-earth and friendly person. It was not all about sales talk. My family already had a few plans with AIA from a resigned agent and Shearn not only helped serviced them, he suggested ways to best optimise our portfolio. It is rare to find an agent who treats his clients like family.”
-Alvin Lim, Vice President

“I knew Shearn from university, and he went into the insurance line later than my other friends, so there was no “first mover” advantage for him. Despite that, Shearn always shares information with me with no agenda and kept me posted of relevant updates. I felt touched by his actions even though I was not his client yet. Eventually, when the need arises, he came to my mind.”
-Justin Teh, Executive Director

Shipra Goel

Shipra Goel

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!
Audrey Hepburn

Shipra’s Story

I used to work in the Information Technology (IT) Industry and accumulated more than 11 years of experience. I have worked in various roles, led and executed many team projects as a senior in the industry. Upon the recommendation of my father-in-law, and after my first meeting with the Director of Win Financial, Winnie, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the Financial Services Industry. I have always been very appreciative of insurance companies, knowing that they exist to cover for all odd times and is so closely knitted to real-life moments. This motivates me to pick up the necessary skills and knowledge of the Insurance Industry. Indeed, it has been a positive career switch for me.

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“When me and my husband were looking for health insurance, Shipra immediately came to our mind. Shipra has been a family friend all these years and we know her to be a warm and caring lady. When we approached her, she gladly availed herself and provided us sound advice before we took up the plans. We are 100% satisfied with Shipra’s service!”
-Veena, Executive Officer

“A thoughtful consultant, Shipra ensures that she recommends me suitable products only after she walks through a proper needs analysis process. She is a confident and composed advisor, very dedicated to doing her best for her clients. I am incredibly happy with her 5-Star service!”
-Roshni Agrawal, Homemaker

“I was referred to Shipra through a colleague and she takes care of my family immaculately both as an advisor and friend. I recall an incident when I lost my phone and had technical issues accessing my AIA App. Shipra helped me resolve the issue expeditiously. During Covid-19, Shipra also provided updates and reassured my husband on his investment funds. Thank you Shipra! Your way of handling each query of mine is admirable!”
-Swapna Jagdev, IT Security Analyst

Yi Kai

Yi Kai

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Yi Kai’s Story

I was introduced to the financial industry through an army friend of mine, who helped me uncover the rewarding aspects of it. Even though many told me this career path is tough, I saw how I could value add to people’s lives, through the meaningful work of financial planning. I knew this was the career I wanted, so I decided to join the financial industry as a full-time Financial Services Consultant. As my mentors share their experiences with me, their passion to serve further inspired me to continue this career path and help more people. During my free time, I love to watch movies and sing, taking it as an opportunity to catch up with my friends.

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“While being wary yet curious about insurance, Yi Kai was patient in explaining the importance of financial planning using insurance as a safeguard. Through my meetup with Yi Kai, I also learnt how to better manage my finances and got to understand my risk profile when it comes to investing. I am grateful to be empowered with that extra knowledge now.”
-Ang Zheng Wei, Digital Consultant

“I have met multiple insurance agents across many years and Yi Kai was the only one who instilled confidence in me about financial planning. He goes beyond the call of duty to service me, not only answering multiple questions but also addressing my concerns whenever I have doubts. I am glad to have found a reliable advisor.”
-Vishunu Arumugam, Project Manager

“Yi Kai has exhibit a remarkable level of professionalism and work ethics. He is extremely patient and accommodating when it comes to understanding my needs. The assurance he provides makes me feel safe entrusting my policy with him. Above all, I love his sense of humor!”
-Guan Quan, Assistant Manager